what is love?

what is it? what is the definition?

- noun
1.  a profoundly, tender, passionate affection for another person.
2.  a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection as for a parent, child, or friend.
3.  sexual passion or desire.

does this do it justice? how do you feel when you're in love?
surely there is no common definition and each person experiences it differently and perceives it with a different meaning. maybe very slightly different, but still different. 

so for me, what is love.
love is the feeling of belonging and the sharing of intimate moments. be it with a friend or with a boy, sharing special thoughts or having a special connection. all friendships are different, all relationships are different, but there is one important common denominator; love. 
i love my friends, i love my boyfriend, i love my brothers. i love them all differently so it's hard to define the word. 
the friend love, that's unique to each friend. they all make me smile and make me laugh, some more than others, some i have a closer bond with but i love each one of them. 
the boyfriend love, that's unreal. it's a feeling like i'm up in the clouds and i'm untouchable. nothing can hurt me when he's around, or even when he's not, he's still mine, the love is still there.
the brotherly love, they're both equal to me, my two big brothers. they both mean the world to me, but they are both so different, so does that make the love i have for each of them different?

i don't understand it all,
all i know is that with my boyfriend, i am in love. and i love it.


  1. beautiful post & beautiful writing.

    i love my boyfriend too, but he doesn't know it yet. shhh ;)

  2. this is beautiful. i can relate to it so much :)