So I'd been feeling a bit left out of the whole festival thing this summer. it had never occurred to me that maybe i'd really enjoy it, but as Radio 1 seems to be the best station in my car, I listen to it every time I drive and they never stop talking about the festivals. Anyway, lucky for me, my boyfriend's best friend happens to be the manager for Muse, so we get special treatment. it was this saturday at old trafford cricket club, and the first support act was on at 4.45, so in a way it was kind of like a mini festival, minus all the camping and the mud. but it was amazing to see, being up on the balcony, we could see all the fans filling up throughout the afternoon and into the night. & when Muse came on at about 8.30, there was absolutely no floor visable, it was just about light enough for us to see the thousands of people that had come together for one reason, love of three musicians. 
The show was incredible, the support acts were great - starting with Pulled apart by Horses, then Band of Skulls, the Editors and finally.. Muse themself. It was amazing, and being up on the VIP balcony was cool too, but in a way, I feel like we missed out a bit on the atmosphere. Although the best part was not having to queue for the toilets!

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