my look for today.

a shock photograph, i looked back on my camera after a day with my friends and saw this picture. thought i'd upload it to show you my favourite cardigan of the moment. it's vintage, it seems like we're all loving vintage clothes at the moment, and why not, hey? the scarf brings a bit of pattern to this outfit, that's borrowed from a friend, but it's a Topshop special.
I paired these two items with a simple cream t shirt & a grey skirt, and to keep it simple I just added some black tights. & then worn with my River Island boots that I've done a previous post on. I hope you like this look, but whatever you think, please leave me comments because I'm new to this whole blogging thing & really value your lovely opinions.xo


  1. no comment ! marry me? or join my blog ?


    :D :D

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  3. loving the look, especially those boots!!...i found a similar pair by steve madden, but they're black :(. loving the blog...just started following :)


  4. Those boots are really cool, keep up the good work!

    Puck @ ONEOFPOINTS.blogspot.com

  5. thank you all for your lovely comments. will check out all of your blogs & follow you! xox