a bracelet kinda girl.

i'm in love with bracelets. i feel naked without them, but each one i wear has a meaning behind it, or a story. i've got two special ones at the moment:
my boyfriend bought me this one two weeks ago, to say thank you for his birthday presents. the funny thing was, i used to have one very similar that i bought on a school trip to Germany, but i'd broken it, which he didn't even know!
my pandora bracelet is very special to me, I wear it every single day. when I last saw my grandfather, he gave me some money, so together we went to the pandora shop because i'd been wanting one for ages, so although i chose it and decided what to buy, i say it's from him. his last material gift to me.

as i said, i love bracelets. i think they just complete any outfit, they give that extra something that a necklace or earrings doesn't give. 

but i am yet to accessorize my pandora.

my newest love.

Image 3 of Miss Kg Sugar Perforated Slouch Ankle Boots

Image 1 of Miss Kg Sugar Perforated Slouch Ankle Boots
this is them, my latest purchase. Miss KG sugar ankle boots, in peach and in grey. I loved them so much that I had to get both colours. i'm definitely a little bit excited by them. i wear boots all the time, as you may have seen in one of my previous blogs, so it was a perfect find. 


girls just wanna have fun.

                                    my best friends make my world go round.

curly straight.

i'm a curly girl, with natural curls. naturally brunette. last year i fancied a change from my big brown curls, so i had some colour run through underneath and had the layers chopped at. straight, it's a change for me. now it's back to it's natural colour and natural curls; but i'm bored. sugestions please. xo

forever in our hearts.

not something I joined blogspot to write about, but sometimes talking about bad things can help.

one month ago today, a friend of mine lost her battle for life. she'd had a terrible accident whilst on holiday in spain with her friends after finishing her a levels. I had been in Paris for the week, praying each night that she'd wake up from the coma she was in and that she'd recover completely and still be able to fulfil her dreams of going to university. when our plane landed back home, i turned on my phone to check my messages, and of course, facebook. there it was, my worst nightmare. 'Rest in Peace sweetie xxx' I saw my best friend had written on her wall. the unimaginable had happened. i had to confirm this first so I scrolled down, and there were so many variations of the same message posted on  her wall. 
my heart actually stopped and i couldn't breathe. i couldn't speak. i couldn't get the words out to explain to my mum the hysterics i was in. 'she's died mum', was almost clear enough for her to make sense of. i couldn't believe what was happening. we were really close at school, although i was in the year above her. she often came to me for boy advice and always hugged me when she passed me anywhere at school. then when i went off to uni last september, we often sent each other updates for the first few weeks, but gradually we lost touch. i was heartbroken when i'd heard about her accident, but i didn't ever think i'd have to face the day of saying goodbye.
it's the hardest thing in the world, four times before i'd said it to each of my grandparents. but never in my life did i think i'd have to say goodbye to my friend. a flawless seventeen year old girl.

she was the most stunning girl, with so many talents. she was so academic and so athletic. she was so friendly and loving, she didn't have any enemies and never badmouthed anybody. in fact, she was so close to perfection it was untrue, so it was so hard for me and everybody else that knew her to understand just how such a flawless life could be taken from us so early.

although it really is such a tragedy and i think about her everyday, i am glad that she spent her short life in such constant happiness and love, she never experienced any real pain and was always having fun. she has such a special place in every single one of our hearts and her beautiful smile and unique personality will never ever be forgotten.

life is so precious; live every moment with a smile.
Rest in Peace Gracey. 


reality hits.

so today is the day. finally it has happened.
i have spent the past 4 months applying for jobs in France to do a placement for my year abroad. I have had rejection after rejection from fashion jobs, which really disheartened me. But the support from my parents and boyfriend made me carry on searching. I got an email one day from the tutor at uni saying she'd had a job offer for one of her students, so she sent it to me. Reluctantly (because it was a car hire company rather than fashion) I got in touch with the company. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had the interview with them today....and I GOT IT.
I got the job! 
Finally something is sorted for the next year of my life. 

So from the beginning of October this year, I'll be moving to the South of France for a year to live and work in this beautiful place:

View of the South of France, Antibes   

the excitement running through my body is unreal. what an adventure.


it's all a gift.

pleasantly surprised, I looked out of my bedroom window at 20:07 and saw this beautiful view. It was a moment that had to be captured by a camera, although this doesn't even do it justice. The gift of nature is so beautiful, usually. It rains so much here, but even rain is beautiful. We get to use another accessory - an umbrella. But right now, this is about the sun. The beautiful sunshine we see before our eyes, the sun that lights up the sky and lets us tan.

I'm just taking it all in.

ELLE m'inspire.

Elle MacPherson, elle m'inspire.

What a flawless woman, with a gorgeous figure and amazing hair. Effortlessly making a simple black dress look a million dollars. I hope I'll look half as good as her at 47, a real role model to me, and I think most girls. She is so natural and sweet, yet flawlessly beautiful. A real inspiration, but remember - individuality is the key to beauty.

through thick and thin.

Everyone has that one item of clothing or pair of shoes they just always wear. Well for me, it's my River Island boots. they're light brown and, quite frankly, gorgeous. I got them this year in the Spring 2010 Collection from River Island, where I'd had my eye on them for weeks. Finally, I went in one day with a friend and noticed a tag on them saying '£25 off', it was my lucky day. I bought them and have hardly taken them off since. I love them, they make any outfit a casual enough for the daytime. I wear them shopping, I wear them to lunch, I wear them some nights, and I even wear them to work. What's wrong with wearing what you love? ...That's what I thought.
They're so comfy, they're the perfect length and I love the colour of them. I think it's fair to say I'm maybe a little obsessed with my boots, but what's wrong with that!?

the dress that always gets noticed.

the 'noticed' dress.


It's my mum's favourite dress of mine. in fact, everytime i wear it, I have people commenting on it. the last time was in a jewellers, a lady that was working there had a look around - which I'm assuming was to check whether her boss was near or not - and whispered in my ear "where's your dress from? it's stunning". It made me smile, a beautiful stranger, she didn't need to say anything, but she did. It made my day. Words can do that. They can mean so much.
But back to the dress - it was last season, maybe even Spring 2008. I saw it in Miss Selfridge while shopping, so I thought I'd try it on, I wasn't sure, but the friend I was with really liked it. So I thought I'd treat myself. I've never looked back, it is a nice dress. It's high necked (as you can see), and sleeveless. It's about mid-thigh length and quite tight, but the material ruffles so it is a flattering dress. But the best thing about it, is that it can be dressed up or down, can be worn with leggings or without, with a cardigan or without, with accessories or without.
But I love my accessories, bracelets the most. But for some reason, I didn't put any on today, or my necklace I usually pair with my white Miss Selfridge dress. They can make such a difference to any outfit, and the best thing is that they can be worn so many times with so many different things to change the look slightly.

So this is me, today. Me & my mum's favourite dress.

Oh, and the mirror. That's my latest addition to my bedroom, my lovely boyfriend got it for me. It's beautifully vintage and really makes my room look so much different - all from a little mirror hey. Like I said - it's all about the accessories.



I am me. You need to be you. It's a hard one this, because we always see things in magazines, in the street and on the tv that we aspire to copy or imitate. But the thing is, you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way: their own style, their own fashion, their own hairstyle. It all describes you, but more than that, it is these things that define you. It is who you are. Not who she is, but you. it's all you. Nobody else can be you, or me. We, together, need to embrace what we have; make the most of our uniqueness and individuality. It's important to remember that, because we are beautiful. Each of us: light skin or dark skin, blonde or brunette, rich or poor, tall or short. It is all beautiful, every single bit of it. Embrace it. Embrace your own beauty and maximise it, rather than trying to copy the models we see on the catwalks and in magazines. Celebrities always appear to be amazing, they have perfect hair and flawless skin, stunning dresses and gorgeous shoes. But we can be the same, we don't need lots of money to be like them, we just need individuality. That's one thing we all have, we are each unique and it is something that should be embraced. Everyday. I'm going to try, are you?

what defines beauty?

Be brave.

So I have finally done it, finally I have joined the world of blogging. I am a nineteen year old girl with big dreams of being a fashion journalist. I'm at university now, studying French & International Relations, and am going to spend a year in France this coming academic year. It's a big step. But I've finally made myself a blog; something I've been wanting to do for months.
Time has got ahead of me, the weeks and days all merge together. I feel like the years are passing too quickly and my life is running away from me. I can remember so vividly when I was worrying about my poor knees when I fell over and my spelling tests, now I am in the big wide world where my tutors post everything online rather  than holding my hand. It's a big step, feeling so independent, but I'd recommend it to you all. Every one of you. You need to learn sooner rather than later what is out there in the big wide world. Grazed knees don't matter anymore, it's the broken hearts and the failed exams. But no, we're optimists. We don't look at life that way, be happy. Always. And never be afraid. Never hold back on taking the next step, you never know what's around the corner.