a bracelet kinda girl.

i'm in love with bracelets. i feel naked without them, but each one i wear has a meaning behind it, or a story. i've got two special ones at the moment:
my boyfriend bought me this one two weeks ago, to say thank you for his birthday presents. the funny thing was, i used to have one very similar that i bought on a school trip to Germany, but i'd broken it, which he didn't even know!
my pandora bracelet is very special to me, I wear it every single day. when I last saw my grandfather, he gave me some money, so together we went to the pandora shop because i'd been wanting one for ages, so although i chose it and decided what to buy, i say it's from him. his last material gift to me.

as i said, i love bracelets. i think they just complete any outfit, they give that extra something that a necklace or earrings doesn't give. 

but i am yet to accessorize my pandora.

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