I am me. You need to be you. It's a hard one this, because we always see things in magazines, in the street and on the tv that we aspire to copy or imitate. But the thing is, you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way: their own style, their own fashion, their own hairstyle. It all describes you, but more than that, it is these things that define you. It is who you are. Not who she is, but you. it's all you. Nobody else can be you, or me. We, together, need to embrace what we have; make the most of our uniqueness and individuality. It's important to remember that, because we are beautiful. Each of us: light skin or dark skin, blonde or brunette, rich or poor, tall or short. It is all beautiful, every single bit of it. Embrace it. Embrace your own beauty and maximise it, rather than trying to copy the models we see on the catwalks and in magazines. Celebrities always appear to be amazing, they have perfect hair and flawless skin, stunning dresses and gorgeous shoes. But we can be the same, we don't need lots of money to be like them, we just need individuality. That's one thing we all have, we are each unique and it is something that should be embraced. Everyday. I'm going to try, are you?

what defines beauty?

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