the dress that always gets noticed.

the 'noticed' dress.


It's my mum's favourite dress of mine. in fact, everytime i wear it, I have people commenting on it. the last time was in a jewellers, a lady that was working there had a look around - which I'm assuming was to check whether her boss was near or not - and whispered in my ear "where's your dress from? it's stunning". It made me smile, a beautiful stranger, she didn't need to say anything, but she did. It made my day. Words can do that. They can mean so much.
But back to the dress - it was last season, maybe even Spring 2008. I saw it in Miss Selfridge while shopping, so I thought I'd try it on, I wasn't sure, but the friend I was with really liked it. So I thought I'd treat myself. I've never looked back, it is a nice dress. It's high necked (as you can see), and sleeveless. It's about mid-thigh length and quite tight, but the material ruffles so it is a flattering dress. But the best thing about it, is that it can be dressed up or down, can be worn with leggings or without, with a cardigan or without, with accessories or without.
But I love my accessories, bracelets the most. But for some reason, I didn't put any on today, or my necklace I usually pair with my white Miss Selfridge dress. They can make such a difference to any outfit, and the best thing is that they can be worn so many times with so many different things to change the look slightly.

So this is me, today. Me & my mum's favourite dress.

Oh, and the mirror. That's my latest addition to my bedroom, my lovely boyfriend got it for me. It's beautifully vintage and really makes my room look so much different - all from a little mirror hey. Like I said - it's all about the accessories.

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  1. Ohh love the dress, and the mirror if you like vintage furniture you should check out this site http://www.melodymaison.co.uk/ xx