through thick and thin.

Everyone has that one item of clothing or pair of shoes they just always wear. Well for me, it's my River Island boots. they're light brown and, quite frankly, gorgeous. I got them this year in the Spring 2010 Collection from River Island, where I'd had my eye on them for weeks. Finally, I went in one day with a friend and noticed a tag on them saying '£25 off', it was my lucky day. I bought them and have hardly taken them off since. I love them, they make any outfit a casual enough for the daytime. I wear them shopping, I wear them to lunch, I wear them some nights, and I even wear them to work. What's wrong with wearing what you love? ...That's what I thought.
They're so comfy, they're the perfect length and I love the colour of them. I think it's fair to say I'm maybe a little obsessed with my boots, but what's wrong with that!?

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