Be brave.

So I have finally done it, finally I have joined the world of blogging. I am a nineteen year old girl with big dreams of being a fashion journalist. I'm at university now, studying French & International Relations, and am going to spend a year in France this coming academic year. It's a big step. But I've finally made myself a blog; something I've been wanting to do for months.
Time has got ahead of me, the weeks and days all merge together. I feel like the years are passing too quickly and my life is running away from me. I can remember so vividly when I was worrying about my poor knees when I fell over and my spelling tests, now I am in the big wide world where my tutors post everything online rather  than holding my hand. It's a big step, feeling so independent, but I'd recommend it to you all. Every one of you. You need to learn sooner rather than later what is out there in the big wide world. Grazed knees don't matter anymore, it's the broken hearts and the failed exams. But no, we're optimists. We don't look at life that way, be happy. Always. And never be afraid. Never hold back on taking the next step, you never know what's around the corner.

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