forever in our hearts.

not something I joined blogspot to write about, but sometimes talking about bad things can help.

one month ago today, a friend of mine lost her battle for life. she'd had a terrible accident whilst on holiday in spain with her friends after finishing her a levels. I had been in Paris for the week, praying each night that she'd wake up from the coma she was in and that she'd recover completely and still be able to fulfil her dreams of going to university. when our plane landed back home, i turned on my phone to check my messages, and of course, facebook. there it was, my worst nightmare. 'Rest in Peace sweetie xxx' I saw my best friend had written on her wall. the unimaginable had happened. i had to confirm this first so I scrolled down, and there were so many variations of the same message posted on  her wall. 
my heart actually stopped and i couldn't breathe. i couldn't speak. i couldn't get the words out to explain to my mum the hysterics i was in. 'she's died mum', was almost clear enough for her to make sense of. i couldn't believe what was happening. we were really close at school, although i was in the year above her. she often came to me for boy advice and always hugged me when she passed me anywhere at school. then when i went off to uni last september, we often sent each other updates for the first few weeks, but gradually we lost touch. i was heartbroken when i'd heard about her accident, but i didn't ever think i'd have to face the day of saying goodbye.
it's the hardest thing in the world, four times before i'd said it to each of my grandparents. but never in my life did i think i'd have to say goodbye to my friend. a flawless seventeen year old girl.

she was the most stunning girl, with so many talents. she was so academic and so athletic. she was so friendly and loving, she didn't have any enemies and never badmouthed anybody. in fact, she was so close to perfection it was untrue, so it was so hard for me and everybody else that knew her to understand just how such a flawless life could be taken from us so early.

although it really is such a tragedy and i think about her everyday, i am glad that she spent her short life in such constant happiness and love, she never experienced any real pain and was always having fun. she has such a special place in every single one of our hearts and her beautiful smile and unique personality will never ever be forgotten.

life is so precious; live every moment with a smile.
Rest in Peace Gracey. 

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