the day that changed the world.

tomorrow is Saturday. but tomorrow isn't just any Saturday. this Saturday is September the eleventh. tomorrow will mark the ninth year of the tragic terror attacks in New York City & Washington State. as i'm going to be busy tomorrow, i wanted to write a post on it tonight so that everybody is aware of the day.
it was a tragedy that changed the entire world. i remember where i was that day. i came home from one of my first days back at school, telling my mum how upset i was that my friend Maddy was moving back to her home in America the next day. mum was lying in her bed when i was telling her this, then we turned on the TV to watch neighbours, but it wasn't on. it was the news, telling us about the horrific events. i could hardly believe what i was seeing, the heartbreaking images coming from the city that we had visited only a week before. we'd spent a week of our summer holidays in New York City that year, and we got home on September 3rd 2001. it was so shocking, even to me, just a child at the time. but at 10 years old, i understood the extent of the tragedy. it was heartbreaking, and of course I was worrying about my friend that was due to fly to America the following day. but as we flicked through the channels, we saw that it had taken over every channel and normal TV was rightly interrupted. 

The day that changed the world. September 11th 2001. thousands of lives were lost and millions of families were torn apart. people were affected all over the world, both directly and indirectly. worlds were shattered that day and nine years on, worlds are still shattered. all those little children that lost their mummys and daddys, husbands who lost their wives and vice versa, parents who witnessed their children's death and the thousands who lost friends and relatives. these people have had to suffer and mourn the loss of loved ones because of a horrific terror attack. the lives that were taken will never be forgotten. to me, they are all heros. every single one of the lives that was lost, each one of them is a hero. i'm sure it's the same for the whole world. such innocent lives, taken so horrifically. 
nine years on, it is all running through my head with such vivid memories, almost like it only happened last week. the time has passed so quickly, but in that time, all those lives haven't been brought back. only the beautiful memories that their familes and friends shared live on. 
All of the lost lives will be forever remembered and the broken families will always be in our hearts, everywhere around the world, we are thinking of them. 

Please take one minute out of your day tomorrow, just sixty seconds, to remember the thousands of innocent lives that were taken on this day, 9 years ago. Not only the taken lives, but the lives that were ruined through injuries from the attacks and the heroes who helped during the devastating time that have been left with life-changing injuries and disabilities.

concrete jungle where dreams are made of, new york city.

and the way we all wish it still looked:

Rest in Peace all 2,977 of you.

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  1. Amazing pictures, love NYC !
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