this is my time.

the time is so almost here. it's almost time for me to leave.
destination: antibes, france.
my plane leaves at 6am on monday morning, it's all happening so fast. i got this job about 4 weeks ago, it took about 2 weeks to sort out a start date etc, now suddenly it's here.
i start in one week, next friday.
i leave in three days.
i'm busy trying to pack up my whole life into 40kg. i've started, but don't dare weigh it.
afterall, i am moving there. like i'm not just seriously overpacking for a holiday. it's serious stuff. 

i've spent my last week here with my friends, also a lot of time with my boyfriend, and obviously my family.
it's so hard. but it's weird, it's not actually properly hit me that i'm going...and not coming back for a year. a whole year. 2011. sounds so far away, it's only four months away. september 2011. wow. twelve months, one year, fifty two weeks. ahhhhh.

i'm trying to work out what i'll miss the most.
the comforts of my own home? no, i've been at uni this year anyway.
mummys cooking? probably not, although there's nothing like it.
my boyfriend? ...we don't talk about that.
doing what i want, when i want? nah, i guess i'm going out into the real world.
english food? mmm fish and chips. wow. i'll miss that.
my family? well they'll come visit.
friends? also, i hope they will come out.
speaking english? yeah, didn't even think about that one.

wow, i have so many more things in my head. i'll miss it all.
but, looking at it from a positive light, i'm going on a new adventure, a life experience. something that will help me to mature so much and give me so many new experiences. i will meet new people and add to my list of friends. i will experience a new part of the world and get an insight into working life. i will be able to speak fluent french. i will get to taste proper french food, crepes for breakfast. see the french fashion. shop in amazing shops. driving on the wrong side of the road.
now it's all going to be okay. everything will be fine and i will be able to share my experiences from over there.

so hopefully not, but maybe my last post from this side of the channel.
if so,
speak to you from the other side.

lots of english love,

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  1. aww, good luck & congrats on the new adventure. i'm sure you'll do fine ;) i'll have a crepe & pretend i'm in france. hehe.