i tend not to wear too much make-up unless i'm going out.
i like there to be a difference in my face between day & night.

so i just want to show you my general day-time face, and explain. but bear in mind that these photos were just found among my friend's photography on my camera..so i was unaware of them!

So here it is, my everyday look.
& my mini basket of make-up essentials.

the base: Nivea tinted moisturiser in 'natural'
foundation (which i only use to replace concealer): Estée Lauder - Double Wear in 'pale almond'
the cheeks: I start with the pink blusher at the top of my cheek bones & then use my MAC Bronzer over it and down to my cheeks to create a bronzed colour.
the eyes: very simple, I only use a Kohl eyeliner to line my eyes, underneath and sometimes a little on top.

I don't use mascara for two reasons, firstly I have very sensitive eyes and a lot of eye products bring me out in rashes, and secondly for the same reason that I like to have two looks, one for the daytime, and one for the night. and personally, I think it's your eyes that ultimately define your look.

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