out of the ordinary.

your eyes aren't lying.
it is Kate Hudson.
& no, I can't believe it either.

it just kind of happened.
I was lucky enough to see Muse again this weekend at Wembley in London. I'd heard Kate Hudson was there (seeing as she's dating the lead singer, I wasn't surprised but was very excited). 'She's down there in the white vest top' my brother's girlfriend said, pointing to a blonde woman two rows in front of us. 'NO WAY IT'S ACTUALLY HER' I screamed into my boyfriend's ear during a song. 'She's putting her coat on', he said. 'come with me, quick.' I replied.
I ran down to the entrance to our block and she was walking towards me. I grabbed her hand & she said something to me, but caught up in the moment, I didn't quite catch it. I asked her to smile for a photo, and here it is.
It made my night.

The concert was amazing, I met one of my favourite Hollywood A-listers, what more could a girl possibly want? 

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