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I'm back. I have started another blog about my year abroad because my uni asked me to, but i didn't want to put them both together because this one is for me, that one is for my family / friends / uni to read. they don't care about my boyfriend and my emotions or what i'm wearing today or anything.
so that's why i've hardly posted anything in forever!
well, i'm back. i hope. i miss blogging about girly things. instead i am writing about food and sunshine. which okay, i love. but it's nothing like handbags and blusher, or shoes or necklaces. or boys.

so, here goes.
my best friend and her boyfriend have just broken up and it's made me really sad. they were so happy and such a gorgeous couple from the outside. but she said she didn't feel it, so what can you do? it has made me think so much, about friendships and other relationships in general.
one thing i've found recently, this year especially, is that too many people are far too wrapped up in their own lives to care about things that are happening in yours. and that makes me question my friendships. i have so much fun when i'm with my girls, all the time we laugh we have so much fun. but then there's the question of, who's there for me when i need them?
i know who's there for me.

i haven't had an easy time this past year, i've lost three people close to my heart. two grandads and a friend. it has been a rollercoaster, but ultimately i have friends and a boyfriend who help me through. they help me smile and change my train of thoughts when i start to get down.
everybody should have somebody like that, somebody they can lean on and a shoulder to cry on. somebody to make them smile even when they're really low.
i am so thankful for the special ones in my life, always there for me whenever i need somebody.
even now, when i'm across the ocean, in a different country.

sorry for being so deep. sometimes i, just like everybody else, get a bit emotional and find it so easy just to write what i'm thinking and voila. that's exactly what this post is. a mix of everything, a little bit of waffle and a lot of emotions.

lovelove. xo

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